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The following testimonials are just a few of the e-mails received and will give you more of an understanding of how I work.

I Passed!

The Right Instructor Is Important

I would like to share my learning experience on how to drive with Chris. Before Chris, I have had three driving instructors and have failed my test on two occasions. I started quiet worried, because I thought I am not capable to learn to drive. But there is always somebody who can assess your ability and with friendly, calm approach build confidence in you.

Chris did share his knowledge in driving and taught me in an easy way how to do up hill start, approach to roundabouts, follow road markings and read the signs for independent driving. These are the areas where most learners are failing their tests. However, Chris is teaching you how to drive not only to pass your test, but for life. I have had 28 lessons with Chris and I have passed my test the FIRST TIME. Also Chris gave me very helpful, free of charge, book where I could read and do a quiz about each part of driving technique. It is very important to have the right instructor who can guide you to the success. The instructor's name is Chris.

Chris, thank you very much for your patient and understanding. Thanks to you I feel confident to drive independantly.

Manana - Heckmondwike

I Passed!

The Book He Supplies Is Very Helpful

Learning with Chris is like learning with a very patient friend he puts you at ease, has a good sense of humour and talks you though everything he wants you to do really clearly, the book he supplies is very helpful pictures and questions are useful both in your lessons and before test.

Chris gives you the encouragement to carry on no matter how many mistakes you think you make he will even do it first as a show and then do exercise.

He is flexible with lesson times and pick up/drop off points which is a bonus when trying to fit in lesson time and work.

At the end of the day I'll miss my lessons now I've passed which may I add shocked me but Chris was confident I was ready, I would recommend Chris to anyone wanting to learn to drive in fact I already have.

Julie - Batley

I Passed!

Believe In The Best

Chris is absolutely awesome............. as an driving instructor! His instructions were echoing in my ear whilst on the test, which enabled me to do correct things during the test. And in the end I passed with only 4 minors. Not only that I was taken on the same test route which we practice day before the test and on the test day. I would definitely recommend Chris to those who want to pass their test without wasting more money. CHRIS...........BELIEVE IN THE BEST!


I Used The Driving Skills Workbook

Having tried learning to drive a number of years ago without success, I was really nervous about starting again. I found Chris online & he helped me find my confidence with his easygoing & straightforward manner. Nothing was rushed but neither was any time wasted. I enjoyed the lessons & found that Chris was great at getting the message across in a positive way; never being critical or judgemental.

I used the driving skills workbook to read up before lessons & found it to be handy for revision too. I passed my test about 25 lessons later, after finally realising I didn’t need to sweat the small stuff.

Chris found the right balance for me between teaching, practising & great little pep talks too!

I really did enjoy learning with Chris & I'm feeling strangely positive about driving... :-s

Naomi - Heckmondwike

Test Ready In No Time

After having previous instructors from other schools which weren’t quite right for me I would just like to thank Chris for helping me pass my test with only minimum minors. Chris is very professional in his approach, always calm, friendly, patient and very reliable, always on time and never lets you down. Chris is a great instructor who is very thorough with his teaching helping you to become a confident and safe driver with the necessary skills required to be out on the road on your own in as fewer lessons as possible. Chris was very good at noticing what mistakes I were making and what I needed more practice on giving me confidence knowing I can do it with different ways of how to tackle a tricky manoeuvre which saw me improving each lesson becoming test ready in no time. Would highly recommend and I look forward to doing my Pass Plus with you soon. Thanks.

Louise - Huddersfield

Achieved What I Never Thought I could

If you are sat reading this and wondering if Chris would be the right instructor for you, then I would definatley say a big YES! I found him after having 2 other instructors (both female) of which the last one shouted at me and knocked my confidence so much that I panicked at the thought of ever having another lesson! That was until I found Chris, who not only had the patience of a saint but also instilled so much confidence in me that I am now a fully qualified driver!! something I really thought I would never be able to achieve! Chris was so good with me that I tell everyone whos thinking of or taking lessons to go with him as hes great! and when my teenagers are old enough I will be sending them to Chris! So go on give him a go!

Anouska, Dewsbury Moor

Effective And Methodical

Passed my driving test first time with Chris, I would recommend Chris to anyone. He is really patient and is very effective and methodical at teaching you how to drive correctly with confidence, not just to pass the driving test. Thanks Chris!!

Mark, Batley

Strongly Recommended!

Having had a years worth of driving lessons with another instructor and feeling like I was going nowhere with no mention of a test coming any time soon my confidence began to deteriate and I decided it was time to find another driving instructor. I then started having driving lessons with Chris and soon began to find my confidence again. I found that his teaching style was alot more better suited to me and that he was very patient with the mistakes I kept making every lesson. I have had 22 hours of lessons and have just passed my test first time with only four minors and I have to say that I couldnt have achieved this without Chris!

I would strongly recommend Chris to anyone, he made me feel so much better about driving lessons so I'd like to say a big thank you to Chris! Every lesson I felt like my confidence had grown! Thanks again!

Rachel, Wakefield

5 Star Instructor

I failed my test 16 years ago and it totally knocked my confidence so this year I decided I was going to do it so I found Chris and I'm so glad I did, I passed 2nd attempt with only three minors, the 1st one was a disaster I got same examiner as the 1st attempt all those year ago ( only mentioned him outside the test centre saying I hope to god I dont get him hahaha) and it went downhill from then. But I can now say I can drive legally!!!

I would definately recommend Chris to anyone learning to drive he's a great guy with plenty of patience, a great sense of humour, makes you feel at ease and never makes you feel stupid when you make a mistake so to anyone reading these do it give him a call you will definately not be disappointed.

Message to you Chris thank you for the last few weeks your a genuine down to earth guy and you should be proud to call yourself a 5 star highest rated instructor.

Dawn, Cleckheaton

Patience Of A Saint

I passed my test 2nd time with Chris (would have passed 1st time except for a stupid never done before ever error on my first test). I had about 36 hours worth of tuition. He has the patience of a saint and taught me to drive under what was ocassionally difficult circumstances.

I completely recommend him especially to those needing to learn in a hurry. Unlike some instructors he doesn't mess you about in the hope of getting more money out of you. He is excellent at instilling confidence and I feel that I will be safer driver than some out there because of how Chris has taught me. Thank you ever so much

Gemma, Cleckheaton

New Car Is Very Learner Friendly

I have had 40hours of lessons with Chris and after these I would recommend him to anyone who wants to pass first time and have the confidence to drive after. Chris is a very calm and relaxed instructor but was always on the ball with any faults in my driving and how I should overcome these, he genuinely cared if I passed my test and only booked it for me when I was fully ready and confident enough to pass, he ensured I was ready by making sure my manouvers were spot on and that my general driving was perfect, by doing both of these he helped me to feel confident in the driving seat which is half the battle on test day.

Not only is Chris a great instructor he has also just bought a new car which is very learner friendly, with a good driving position, very responsive clutch and big mirrors which helps with manouvers. Also, as part of the courses Chris offers I was provided with a LDC book and DVD which I found very useful as they get you ready for your theory test and contains diagrams and videos of all the manouvers, signs, road signs and the procedures for approaching potential hazards, junctions and round-abouts.

I have already recommended Chris to several friends who are looking to start lessons as I couldn't have asked for a better instructor to get me through my test and he'll do a good job with these guys.

Richard, Birkenshaw

Passed First Time After 20 Hours

I passed my driving test first time after 20 hours worth of lessons with Chris I found Chris to be a fantastic instructor as he helped me gain confidence whilst driving and the techniques of driving which he uses to teach, if I didn’t quite grasp how to do a maneuvers after a fair few attempts then Chris would take the driving seat and show me how it's done correctly which I found great as it helped me understand the maneuvers a lot more. I would recommend Chris as an instructor to everybody he’s fantastic. Cheers Chris.

Charlie-Ann, Wakefield

Great instructor!

100% agree with the things people have said about Chris in their reviews. As a person and an instructor I really cant say enough good things about the guy. Really enjoyed our lessons together and was genuinely a little disappointed when I passed (COUGH! first time! COUGH!) and realised there would be no more lessons. Great guy! Great instructor! Great laugh! but still professional. Highly recommended!!!

Jonny, Batley

Effective Teaching Style

I passed my driving test first time with Chris and could not have done without him, he helped me to become the best driver that I could be and this in turn gave me the confidence I needed to show my driving skills on my test.

Before I started my driving lessons with Chris I had already failed my test six times with another instructor.

I decided to try a different instructor with another approach. I found Chris and started lessons with him.

I noticed a big difference in my lessons with Chris. I made lots of progress in each lesson and could feel that I was getting closer to being able to pass.

He uses various teaching techniques and is very thorough. He was honest about what I would need to work on to be ready for my test and made sure that I was properly prepared before and on the day. Chris has a very effective teaching style. He was very accommodating with my lessons and we built them up from being once a week to a more intensive course just before my test.

Before having lessons with Chris, I believed I could already drive and had been learning on and off for over two years but I learnt so much more with Chris in just a few months.

Jessica, Halifax

Passed In 30 Hours

I have had 23 hours lessons with Chris and about 7 hours with my Dad before I started proper lessons. I have to say Chris is easy to talk to and patient, he listens very well and helps you with all your faults.

I would recommend him to any one. He is quite flexible with ref to booking lessons and coped well when I had to delay the start of a lesson due to work. The main reason I would tell others to use him is because I PASSED 1ST TIME!!!!

Cheers Chris!!! (and Dad!!!)

Max Duffy

I was amazed!

Not only did I pass first time, but did so with only five minor faults.

This was all down to Chris's teaching techniques, his ability to unleash the confidence in you when you're in the driver's seat. He is very calm and patient, and is very thorough. Chris really does want you to pass first time without spending too much money, unlike other instructors out there. He even told me that I did not need the lesson the day before my test. Which is also a testament to how well he had taught me to drive.

I am so glad that when I decided to learn to drive, I chose Chris over the hundreds of instructors out there and definitely, I would recommend Chris to anyone who wants to learn to drive.


Re-gained My Confidence

I have had previous instructors & I never seemed to improve as a consequence I lost confidence and quit. After a break of 5 yrs from driving I found Chris & booked lessons, I recommend Chris to anyone wanting to start driving lessons, he gave me the confidence back I had lost & after a few short months I had my test & passed, I found him easy to get on with he put me at ease & helped me to understand my mistakes & improve every lesson. I will be recommending him to anyone that want to pass 1st time.

Many thanks Sarah.

Not Just Learning To Pass My Test

Having only taken lessons in fits and starts since I got my provisional, and having had previous instructors who weren't right for me, I decided to take lessons with Chris in July of this year. I found him on the LDC website. He is a very good instructor and professional person who helped me pass with only 3 minors at the beginning of October.

Chris was very good at noticing what mistakes I was making and what I needed more practice on. He made sure we covered everything that might come up on the test and gave me a helpful book and DVD. He also made sure that I kept practicing and encouraged me to go out driving as much as possible to keep learning new skills and encountering different scenarios.

His instructions are easy to follow and he teaches in a way that you will learn to drive as well as learning to pass your test as there are differences. There is often something unusual or unexpected when you are out driving after you have passed your test and the skills Chris has helped me develop mean that I am confident in the driver's seat.

I would recommend Chris as an instructor, as he is patient and polite and his teaching style is suited to anybody.

Sam, Castleford.


Having taken the odd driving lesson here and there I felt doing the standard one lesson a week over a period of time did not fit with my lifestyle. I wanted a to commit to an intensive course that would make me test ready within 1 week. After searching the internet for many intensive driving courses. I opted for the LDC semi intensive driving course. I rang the office and went through the formalities and was told I would get a call from an instructor from my area.

Chris was very professional, curtious and wanted to get a good understanding of my then current driving skills. This was done on a test run. My basic skills were average however, Chris explained with his instructions and my commitment I would be test ready with in the week. My first lesson with him was progressive and we didn't dwell on the same thing over and over, this really gave me confidance that Chris did really what me to pass in my first test and not waste time like other instructors I have been warned about.

During the course Chris explained what we would cover each day and asked me if there is anything I wanted more practice. His instructions were very clear and easy to understand and always encouraged me which kept me calm and composed. He was very good at spotting my weak areas so that we could apply more focus to these.

On the day of the test Chris summarised everything we learned in the week so it was fresh in my head. I passed in my first attempt with only 8 faults not surprising these were my weak areas which Chris asked to to work on however, my nerves got the better of me. I would highly recommend Christ purely on his teaching style and clear instructions to get you to test standard in minimal time.

Regards Imran

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